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Marshalls Sawn Versuro - Caramel Cream

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Sawn Versuro - Caramel Cream

The Sawn Versuro collection is carefully hand selected from only the finest Indian Sandstone. This versatile range combines aspirational looks and performance with durability and elegance.

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Sawn Versuro - 1200x1200x22 Caramel Cream Pack 8 SKU NS4700016 (11.52m²)
Sawn Versuro - 1250x750x22 Caramel Cream Pack 14 SKU NS4700056 (13.1m²)
Sawn Versuro - 1000x750x22 Caramel Cream Pack 14 SKU NS4700106 (10.5m²)
Sawn Versuro - 750x750x22 Caramel Cream Pack 16 SKU NS4700126 (9m²)
Sawn Versuro - 845x560x22 Caramel Cream Pack 35 SKU NS4700155 (16.6m²)
Sawn Versuro - 560x560x22 Caramel Cream Pack 60 SKU NS4700255 (18.8m²)
Sawn Versuro - 560x275x22 Caramel Cream Pack 120 SKU NS4700455 (18.5m²)
Sawn Versuro Planks - 1210x210x22 Carmel Cream Multi Pack 25 SKU NS4700046 (6.35m²)
Sawn Versuro Planks - 1210x310x22 Carmel Cream Multi Pack 25 SKU NS4700036 (9.38m²)

 Note: All materials come directly from Marshalls

Luxury natural stone with an innovative finish

The Sawn Versuro collection is carefully hand selected from only the finest Indian Sandstone. This versatile range combines aspirational looks and performance with durability and elegance. Its innovative finish brings to life the charm and characteristics of this natural stone. Choose from paving and walling, to coping, edging and steps.

11.26m2 Project Pack comprises 845x560x22mm x No10, 560x560x22mm x No 13, 560x275x22mm x No11, 275x275x22mm x No10

Exciting larger size Fairstone Sawn Versuro paving is ideal for customers wishing to create the ultimate high end contemporary finish. Marshalls beautifully smooth-cut Sawn Versuro Sandstone is available in 4 larger sizes, including Jumbo King Size, opening up new possibilities for creative patio design.

The Sawn Versuro Jumbo King Size comes as a massive 1200mmx1200mm and is cut only from superior quartzitic sandstone.The finest quality stone is hand selected for a consistent colour blend.

King Size sawn paving is ideal for larger contemporary settings and perfect for laying linear patterns

Fairstone Sawn Sandstone is carefully sawn to a consistent thickness to ensure speed and precision in installation

The fine grained surface of Fairstone Sawn Sandstone resists moisture, grime and dirt and has excellent non-slip characteristics, resulting in a more durable finish that’s easier to clean

  • Remember if used indoors this paving should be sealed with a proprietary water based acrylic sealant.
  • When using Jumbo and King Size, due to the weight of the units mechanically aided lifting is essential.
  • This paving is ideal for jointing with Marshalls all weather, WeatherPoint 365 Jointing Compound or Marshalls Exterior Jointing Grout
  • Sawn Versuro and Linear only: we recommend the use of slurry primer on the reverse side of the slab base before installing onto the mortar bed.
  • Because these are natural materials cut to size there are occasional minor plan size variations. This can normally be allowed for in the laying pattern but it is recommended that layout is checked ‘dry’ before jointing
  • Marshalls recommends paving be laid on screeded sand with sand filled joints between 2-5mm. For detailed laying instructions contact Marshalls Technical Advisory Service on 0370 411 2233



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When designing your garden or driveway there may be times when you do not need full packs. The majority of Marshalls landscape materials are available to order in split pack quantities using their Marshalls Order Select Service.

The Marshalls Order Select carries a premium charge, and will be charged separately to any full packs ordered through this site. Where possible, it might be more economical to adjust requirements to the full packs.

To calculate the cost:

  • UNIT COST: Divide the pack cost by the number of units per pack
  • SPLIT PACK COST: Multiply the unit cost by the number you require
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Marshalls Order Select fee* is charged per ton of material required. So you can split a variety of packs in different sizes and the Marshalls Order Select and Admin fees are applied to the whole order relating to the split packs, not by the individual split pack.

Please note:

  1. If you are extending a project, it will be likely that batch numbers will be different from your original order and colour may vary.
  2. If ordering full packs and split packs every effort will be taken to ensure batch numbers match for consistency.
  3. If ordering from a Project Pack, the maximum number cannot exceed the amount of that single size contained within the pack.
  4. For driveway and walling products, it is best to order quarter pack, half pack or three quarter packs. The Marshalls Order Select and Admin fee remains the same £105
  5. Once materials have been delivered and in line with your cancelation rights, split packs are non-refundable

If you have worked out the cost is viable, please email with your material requirements, your name, delivery address, contact email and telephone number. A manual order will be created and emailed back to you to complete your transaction securely online. This service takes approximately 5 working days to deliver from receipt of your order.

Minimum order delivery cost

The minimum order value to qualify for free delivery is £900 (excluding any Marshalls Order Select materials which are charged separately). Materials will be delivered by flat bed truck with crane offload facility, or curtain sider, using a pallet lifter. Please advise of any access restrictions when placing your order.

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